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A TINY background detail
from the
Baby Basil Does His Bit

Leo Baxendale's comments on the prints:

The Baby Basil Wall Comic.

The Wall Comic Click 'photo for a larger version (50K)

I drew this mighty, detailed panorama in 1984, halfway through my 7-year High Court action (May 1980-May 1987). It was refreshing to turn from the intense work of analysing and writing legal texts, to the equally intense but vastly different work of creating the Wall Comic. In 1998 Mel Clark, head of printmaking at Norwich Art College, made me a limited edition of prints from my original drawing; the prints measuring 27 inches deep by 40 inches long (702mm x 1040mm). The prints are made on Atlantis Heritage woodfree drawing and printmaking paper. This paper, of a lovely palest cream, is acid-free and has been buffered with calcium carbonate to a ph of 8.5 to resist degradation from atmospheric pollution. In other words, dears, THESE PRINTS WILL PROBABLY TAKE A LOT LONGER TO PERISH THAN YOU AND ME, and halfway through the next century your descendants will be selling them to collectors at a vast profit.


The Birthday Picnic (SOLD OUT). Limited edition print, from a drawing I made in 1977, featuring Baby Basil and his big brother Willy the Kid, with all their pals and creature friends. The prints are on the beautiful Ingres Fabriano paper, from the 700 year old mill at Fabriano in Italy. I have added a few judicious hand-painted water colour and gouache embellishments to each individual print (meant as extra bits of visual wit...). For this task I have used a 000 stable brush, while simultaneously wearing drawing glasses and holding a magnifying glass in my non-painting hand.Print size 420mm long by 296mm deep. £45. Prints are wrapped and then sandwiched between two very thick and strong boards, then sent by Special Delivery, to ensure arrival in perfect condition.Post and packing included. For ordering & despatch details see below.


The Wall Comic Part of the Birthday Cricket print. Click for larger version

The Birthday Cricket (SOLD OUT). A classy companion print to the above, though each print will stand on its own. Both events take place on the same day, with the same cast of characters. Again, on the beautiful Ingres Fabriano paper, and again with watercolour and gouache embellishments by my own fair hand. Dimensions and prices the same as for the Birthday Picnic. They make a beautiful pair.

Baby Basil Does His Bit (SOLD OUT). Limited edition print. The print is from a panoramic drawing I made during the Miners' Strike of 1984-1985 for Deep Digs, a benefit book for Women Against Pit Closures. I regard this as one of the finest drawings I have ever done, and one of the most intensely funny, starring Baby Basil and all the usual suspects; and the prints are made on a wonderful 25 year old Whatman water colour paper ( the Whatman paper mill closed down many years ago - it's as long gone as the coal mines.) I have added a tiny water colour embellishment which gives me the giggles. The print size is 454mm long by 235mm deep. £150. I will send to you by Special Delivery. (Postage and packing included.) For ordering & despatch details see below.

To obtain any of the above prints by mail, send cheques made out to Leo Baxendale, to: Leo Baxendale, 11 Brockley Acres, Eastcombe, Stroud, Glos. GL6 7DU