Leo Baxendale: The Master of Bash Street

"I was an art student in 1953, when the art schools suddenly became aware of the Beano. The strips were anonymous, but it was obvious that a real original was waking up the dead world of comics, a methodical zealot for belly laughs, devoid of respect for convention. We called him the Master of Bash Street."

-Donald Rooum, writing in Peace News, December 24th. 1965.

Necropolis Halt
Leo Baxendale shows visitors round the NECROPOLIS HALT comic art gallery. JAMES JOYCE visits.

The Garden

The rights of Leo Baxendale to be identified as author of The Bash Street Kids, Minnie the Minx, Little Plum, The Three Bears, and The Banana Bunch, have been asserted in accordance with ss. 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

STROPPY WOMEN exhibition 2007


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